How to write a Good Essay for IIM Admissions

How to write a Good Essay for IIM Admissions

Writing is a major criterion for testing your skills, interest in a specific topic. It might happen so that a person might love to write on whichever topics they like to but they might not show the similar interest if they are given a topic outside their knowledge or interest for writing. Most of the tests scheduled by an institute or an organization give a selected topic by them to write in order to test certain qualities of that candidate.

Writing gives tremendous experience and is a best form of expressing yourself when it comes to putting down your ideas on a paper. By reading a writing piece of the candidate the examiner gets knowledge of how the candidate thinks, what are his or her opinions about current issues or random thoughts about any aspects of society and or any other viewpoints?

Entrance test also include scheduled interviews later in order to get the glimpse of how actually the candidate is and with how much confidence he conducts himself in front of the interviewer. It helps to gain an insight as to how a candidate will operate in an office and professional environment but to test the writing skills of a candidate and his ability to generate ideas in the form of words a written essay is considered best for the knowledge.

Many institutes conduct entrance exams mainly to see whether the candidate is capable enough to join the institute and whether he or she has an ability and knowledge to cope with that particular course successfully. In order to identify the best candidates an entrance test is scheduled by most of the reputed institutes and one of them being the IIM. This management institute in one of the most preferred and reputed institutes in India. Many students who opt for the MBA programme give their first preference for this institution mainly because it is considered the best.

Students all over the country prepare for the entrance test in order to take admission in this institute. Many students today opt for a career in the field of management and hence the popularity of this course is just growing and gaining more importance. Students even take up classes in order to have an ample amount of practice before they actually appear for the entrance test.

Some Tips to Write the Essay!

Any written material is attractive only when it connects to the reader but in case of an essay which is given to test the writing quality of an individual it is essential for the writer to follow certain guidelines in order to give a good impression about their writing skills on the reader. In the competitive entrance exam like the one IIM conducts a certain topic is already given to the candidates and they have to write on it in a given amount of time.

In order to write a simple yet attractive essay a candidate needs to follow certain guidelines like not to use complicated words which are not necessarily required at that point of time in the essay instead use simple words so that the message is conveyed directly and efficiently. Many of the times candidates use some words which are heavy and have a deeper meaning instead they should use words which do not complicate the essay and the reader finds it easy to track the message it serves.

Another factor that a candidate should consider is to give a heading. The topic is given but it a courtesy of a writer to give a heading to it of his or her own. Along with heading the paragraph spacing is also an important factor, never ending paragraphs seem to distress the eyes of the examiner it might happen that the reader will skip few lines as the spacing of the sentences and words can compel him to lose further interest in reading. Hence, the paragraphs should be shorter and concise.

Another important factor to be considered in the amount of time you should spend on writing an essay it should not happen that you spend a lot of time in answering one question tend to neglect the other questions and as result your other answers remain incomplete or you try to complete them in a haste. The candidate should not leave divert away from the given topic. Once you are in that momentum to write, sometimes it happens that we bring together a few more ideas and lose the track by adding some more ideas and hence they write which is not actually required in that essay.

The essay should be straight and simple, the more complicated you make it the essay loses its calibre and becomes a form of feature. The essay should have a proper title as suggested earlier, the title should be made as attractive as possible because the reader usually gets impressed with title of your essay and further decides the quality of your entire essay. Grammatical errors should be avoided and sentences should be framed properly by ending every sentence with a full stop, the essay should not be too lengthy and you should allocate your time properly to complete it.

Preparation on Your Mind!

Every competitive test needs preparation and at times the candidate undergoes months of preparation for taking up such competitive exams especially when it comes an institute like IIM where ample number of students appear for the entrance test every year. IIM is considered one of the best institutes for management study in India and hence many choose this institution because it’s one of the best. To take up this entrance test and face this question writing essay may be challenging for some mainly because of lack of preparation before.

All what you need to do is follow current issues and take a look at the newspaper every day because the topic for the essay is most of the times such that it will require general knowledge and understanding about current happenings in society. You can also take help of the year book as it covers most of the major happening in the world and country in a particular year. To gain more knowledge all you can do is read to get a better understanding as to how to describe a particular situation or a happening.

In order to make sure the eyes of the reader are glued to the essay and he does not lose interest in it the candidate should be on a point but describe fully what he wants to. A major tip is to write by putting your entire heart in it and focusing on covering all the ideas which you intend to. An essay should be comprised of ideas, examples which the writer should put down on paper in the given amount of time.

IIM being the most reputed institute seeks those candidates who fulfil all those requirements. By reading your essay the examiner gets an overview of your writing style along with the spurt of ideas that can come in your mind within short span of time. To test your subjective skills in writing an essay is very essential as it will help the examiner to evaluate in a better way. The MCQ technique is highly popular in testing your skills but an essay will resurface your in depth knowledge and understanding of a situation or a subject.

So make sure you just follow all the guidelines and space your time accordingly so that the other questions don’t remain incomplete. This small test can help you land up in the best institution of the country hence all you need to do is take up this test willingly. If you aspire to become the part of IIM some of the skills are bound to be sharpened for your betterment in future.

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Hope the given Information helps with proper guidelines.

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