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About Wharton School of Business

About MBA in Wharton School of Business

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About Wharton School of Business

With the motto ‘Knowledge for Action’ Wharton University of Pennysylvania was established in 1881.It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (U.S.) and is affiliated to University of Pennsylvania.It was the first business school established in United States with the motive of training the future generations to lead the rapidly evolving industrial area.

About MBA in Wharton School of Business

MBA in Wharton is of two years. Students have to choose specialization from any of eighteen majors. Students can also opt for two majors.It also offers MBA for Executives.Special features include leadership course, executive coaching, leadership ventures leadership fellowship , leadership workshop etc.

Admission procedure

The students have to fill online application. Application includes a student’s complete details such as mailing address, date of birth, academic degrees earned, professional experience, phone number etc.An essay is also required to know a candidate on both professional as well as personal levels.

  • Essay should answer this question – “What do you hope to gain both professionally and personally from the Wharton MBA?”
  • Transcript of all academic work completed.
  • Letters of recommendation (at least two).
  • Results of GMAT or GRE.
  • For non-native English speakers TOEFL is a must.
  • An one page resume as to be uploaded.
  • Eligibility – 728 in GMAT and average work experience of five years.
  • Fees – $68,210 (1st tuition fees) $265 non-refundable application fee

About MBA

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. It is a post graduate degree. Anyone who wants to pursue MBA should be a graduate in any field. MBA course is offered by an affiliated university. There are two options

– Full time MBA

– Part time MBA.

Some of the subjects that it includes are-


-HR ( Human Resources)

-IT ( information technology)

-SCM( supply chain management)

-Operational management


And many more.

Various fields like sales, human resources, finance, economy and management and only one degree i.e. MBA. In today’s ever growing era of industrialization the need for such professionals who not only have the experience but can also multi-task is increasing rapidly.Financial crisis is being counted amongst the biggest crisis on a global scale. What is the solution to that problem? Professionals who are skilled in the field of finance i.e. Financial Analysts. MBA with specialization in Finance is the producer of such Financial Analysts.Sales? Marketing field? Consumer trends? Product management? Market research? To many problems and one solution – a professional with the degree of MBA with specialization in Marketing.No company can flourish if its employees are not satisfied and if they are not satisfied then they won’t do the work with positivist. An experienced person with a degree of MBA with specialization in HR is the one who can create an environment of positivist in the office.With ever growing technology does anyone even need to stress on the importance of MBA in IT.With unemployment on our heads the focus should be on producing jobs instead of getting one. Graduates of MBA with specialization in Business Management are the ones who can start their business and give jobs to many.


  • With Jon M. Huntsman Hall as school’s main building that stretches over 324,000 square foot of space the school also poses three other buildings.
  • Its other buildings include Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall (180,000 square foot), Vance Hall (107,000 square foot) and Lauder Fischer Hall.
  • Equipped with latest technological tools for educating the students and for making the learning experience a memorable one for them.


Address : Office of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid

The Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

Vance Hall, Suite 111, 3733 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104.6340

Phone : 215.898.6183

Fax : 215.898.0120

Email : mba-admiss@wharton.upenn.edu

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