Top MBA specializations

About Top MBA specializations

Overview Of Top MBA specializations

About MBA

Top MBA specializations

MBA with specialization in Finance

MBA with specialization in Marketing

MBA with specialization in Operations-

MBA with specialization in IT

MBA with specialization in HR

Career scope for MBA students

Career scope for MBA students in Government sector

Top MBA institutes

About MBA

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. It is a post graduate degree. Anyone who wants to pursue MBA should be a graduate in any field. MBA course is offered by an affiliated university. There are two options

Full time MBA

Part time MBA.

Some of the subjects that it includes are-


HR ( Human Resources)

IT ( information technology)

SCM( supply chain management)

Operational management


Top MBA specializations

MBA specialization has the interest of many students today. Among these specializations the top five are-

MBA with specialization in Finance- the students can emphasize in any of the one or more subjects from the following-

  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Financial Institutions and Capital Markets
  • International Finance

This course focuses on managing in a global economy, accounting, finance, corporate governance, global competitive strategy, information systems etc.

MBA with specialization in Marketing- involves sales and service of the products, competition and market trend of business.

This course teaches the students about sales, marketing fields, consumer trends, executive & leadership management, market strategies and market research.

It includes courses like Strategic Planning, Market Research, Marketing Campaigns, Consumer Behavior, Cost Volume & Profit and Analysis of Demand.

This course also includes enhancing your communication, analytical, business ethics and leadership skills.

MBA with specialization in Operations- This course focuses on the concept of production and operation function of an organization and are divided as

  • Study of service operation
  • Study of manufacturing or production operations

It is concerned with organizing, planning, manufacturing, provision of services and contexts of production.

Operation management has firm foundation in –

-supply chain management


This course helps student to enter the industry with requisite skills.

It offers a global perspective on industry trend and an awareness of any financial regulations or political uncertainties that could impact an organization.

Emphasis is given on strategic thinking.

MBA with specialization in IT- MBA in IT is the needed bridge between the gap of executive leadership and technical performance.

In today’s world be it business or industries or colleges everywhere technology is involved so MBA in IT not only up to-dates you with this technology and also teaches you how to incorporate it in a company for its better business.

This course combines business courses with information systems policies and practices.

MBA with specialization in HR- MBA in Human Resource Management focuses on identifying and solving problems pertaining to Human Resources.

This course concentrates on topics like international management, Human Resource Management for General Managers,  managing the learning organization, foundation of negotiation, leadership and team management etc.

This course teaches you to effectively utilize the human resources you have. It also involves the process of hiring and developing the employees according to the organization.

It allows the students to develop general management skills and learn about human resource practices.

Career scope for MBA students

MBA freshers have career in accounting and financial planning.

MBA students are directly preferred for senior posts of managers board members.

MBA graduates can find job in both public and private sectors.

Career as a Financial Analyst is another popular sector.

MBA graduates have the highest probability of becoming successful entrepreneurs and there is nothing like being your own boss.

MBA students are preferred in banks because of their practice in public dealing and handling finance.

MBA students have the maximum chances of being selected in jobs like Sales co-ordinator, HR Recruiter, Direct Marketing Executive and BPO/Telesales jobs.

Career scope for MBA students in Government sector

There is a very vast scope for MBA post-graduates in government sector as even in government sector there is a need for managing skills.

Banks need people who can not only manage customers but finances also in such scenario MBA in Finance of HR fits perfectly.

BSNL , MTNL require telecom managers and MBA post-graduates are given preference in that case.

Various government colleges needs professors who not only have knowledge but experience too.

Post-graduates from the field of MBA in Finance and Marketing can join aviation administration and cargo management.

If you are a post-graduate from MBA in HR then you can try in for jobs in administration and account related department.

There are various government banks where you can apply like – Bank of India , Allahabad Bank , IDBI Bank , State Bank of India etc.

Various other sectors are as follows-

  • SAIL
  • BHEL
  • NTPC
  • IAS
  • ONGC
  • BARC
  • DRDO etc.

Top MBA institutes

Top B schools in India are –

–   IFIM Business School

–   Prestige Institute of Management Dewas

–   Accman Institute of Management

–   Accurate Business School

–   Acharya School of Management

–   Alliance University focuses on assisting students towards admissions in top colleges all across India in all the streams of education. For more information, visit or mail at You can also call at 9533553390.

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