Tips to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude For CAT 2018

Quantitative aptitude is one of the three sections in CAT exam. Every year almost 34 questions are asked from this section and the difficulty level of the quantitative questions are generally kept moderate to help the students from non-engineering backgrounds be comfortable with this section.


Having a proper preparation of the quantitative topics is extremely important to be able to ace this section and clear the sectional cut-offs of the respective institutes. So, some of the most important tips are given here to help the CAT 2018 aspirants ace this section and get eligible for further selection rounds in most of the MBA colleges.


  • Know the Syllabus Topics and Strategize

It is important to know all the important quantitative topics that are repeated every year in the CAT paper. Analyze the topics and note them to strategize a preparation plan accordingly. For analysis, one can take a section quantitative mock test and then check the detailed analysis with respect to the performance in the individual topics.


  • Prioritize and Cover all the Topics

It is suggested to give equal importance to all the topics and prepare most of them effectively. First, it is important to prioritize the topics according to self-analysis and then strategize a preparation plan. It is suggested to cover the weak and strong topics together and avoid neglecting any topic.


  • Re-visit basics and Practice

As quantitative questions are mostly based on the basic maths topics, it is important to revise the middle school maths topics before practicing CAT level questions. Once confident with the basics, practice different variations of questions to be able to tackle CAT level questions easily. It is also important to keep revising the topics to retain the related concepts for longer.


  • Practice Sample Papers and Question Papers

Sample papers and previous year question papers are extremely important to get acquainted with the pattern and difficulty of questions in the CAT exam. Practice several sample questions from the respective topics to get confident with all the question variations and practice previous year questions to understand the types of questions generally asked in the exam.


  • Take Mock Tests

Taking mock tests are extremely crucial for a proper CAT preparation. Mock tests not only help in self-analysis but also help to get comfortable with the actual exam scenario. It is important to analyze every mock test and then strategize personal test-taking strategies. Mock tests can also help to improve time management and confidence to tackle any question in the exam.


Apart from these tips, it is also important to get well versed with some shortcuts to be able to solve the numerical questions much faster and efficiently in the exam. With these aforementioned tips, one can easily prepare the CAT quantitative section easily and obtain an excellent percentile in the exam.


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