PGDM Syllabus

PGDM Syllabus

Overview On PGDM Syllabus

Course Contents for PGDM  includes –

Module I Curriculum includes-

Module II Curriculum includes-

Module III Specialization Module – Curriculum includes-

Module IV Curriculum includes-

Specialization Module includes various specialization topics –









PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management-

Today, most of the students are perplexed to opt for a PG course. Nowadays, they feel a doubt that whether MBA or PGDM is better for growth of their dream career. The bitter truth is that there is a difference between an MBA and PGDM. Know PGDM Syllabus ,but there are lots of benefits with PGDM. PGDM expands to Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Many students are with the knowledge that it is a Diploma course and not a Degree at all . Postgraduate courses are explicitly named as PGDM is when an Institute is an autonomous and approves and manages management courses , if and only when they can’t get or have the requisites having a MBA program. On similar lines AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is allowing approved colleges to run a PGDM course. Some Institutions offering this PG course are not an autonomous  body always and necessarily it shouldn’t be , the PGDM course offered by autonomous institutions  given by the Institute  only and are directly approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, and Govt of India.

UGC – University Grants Commission controls the Universities in India, AICTE – All India Council for Technical Education has full-fledged control on both technical educational courses and management courses.Usually, autonomous colleges maintain and follows  latest syllabus, as per the market demand, but in universities it is not possible to change the syllabus every year, as because it will be very tedious and hectic and requires various approvals from top management . Because many colleges are affiliated under the university, syllabus books, and textbooks need to change and faculty  should also needs to update themselves with the latest trends. Based on this reasons it will take a immense time to change the syllabus. But in case of  autonomous colleges they will change continually, according to current market demands and fads  So that students will get latest knowledge which as par with the market credentials , which benefits directly and indirectly  in the career growth of the student.

Course Contents for PGDM  includes –

Post Graduate Diploma in Management – PGDM Syllabus

Module I Curriculum includes-

Management Functions & Behaviour

Human Resource Management

Economic and Social Environment

Accounting & Finance for Managers

Introduction to Information Technology

This is for Diploma in Management.

Module II Curriculum includes-

Operations Management

Marketing Management

Quantitative Techniques for Managers

Managerial Economics

Strategic Management

This is for Advanced Diploma in Management.

Module III Specialization Module – Curriculum includes-

Marketing Management (MM)

Financial Management (FM)

International Business (IB)

Human Resource Management (HR)

Operations Management (OM)

Information Systems (IS)

Insurance Management (IN)

This is for Professional Diploma in Management.

Module IV Curriculum includes-

Business Law & corporate Governance

International Business and  various managerial skills.

Management Information Systems and  various managerial skills.

Research Methodology and  various managerial skills.

Project Work is given to each scholars.

This is for Post Graduate  Diploma in Management.

Specialization Module includes various specialization topics –


Sales and Distribution Management and  various managerial skills.

Advertising and Sales Promotion Management and  various managerial skills.

International Marketing Management and  various managerial skills.

Marketing of Services

Consumer Behaviour


Management Control Systems

Security Analysis & Portfolio Management and analytics basics.

International Finance and analytics advancement.

Corporate Finance and corporate governance

Management of Financial Services and money-measurement


Import Export Documentation

Indian Foreign Trade

International Human Resource Management

International Marketing Management

International Finance


Performance Management

Training and Development

HRD for Competitive Advantage

International Human Resource Management


Technology Management

Project Management

Business Process Re-engineering

Supply Chain Management

Knowledge Management


Computer Networks

Fundamentals of E-Commerce

Software Engineering

Database Management

Management of Information Technology


Fundamentals of Risk & Insurance Management

Principles & Practices of Life Insurance

Principles & Practices of General Insurance

Investment Management

Marketing of Insurance Services.

At a given time only one specialization would be opted  by an individual.

The PGDM course is at par with MBA course and a offers a little more extra  market knowledge as per latest trends . And also the course is relatively low than the traditional mba programs. It’s demand is ever  increasing by the mba aspirants. Various top institutions across the country provide international standardised education with excellent infrastructure  along with at par faculty members , which not only take care of the academic progress but also helps to nurture in the career development of the candidates. According to a Outlook India survey, 2014 PGDM is the most preferred course after MBA among the candidates across the country and Placement statistics  of some of the reputed PGDM colleges are at par level with top-notch mba schools.

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