About MBA and MBA Specializations

About MBA and MBA types

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Types of mba programmes


The master of business administration is a master’s degree in business administration.It is typically a two year programme whose main goal is to make a candidate proficient in various aspects of business management and an expert in any one. The main focus in the first year of the programme is to give the students an insight into different subjects of management. However they are asked to select an area of specialization for the second year and are made well versed and specialized in the chosen subject  thereafter.

It is very important for students to understand the difference between types of MBA programmes and the specializations offered.

Types of MBA programmes:-

1.) Two year (Full time) MBA

In India, most colleges offer two year MBA degree. Students are required to devote 24 months of their life entirely to this programme, while there is very little to no time for other additional activities of interest. It is a rule of government that only universities can give a proper MBA degree, while autonomous  bodies can only provide with a PGDM/PGPM degree.  The difference between the two is minute, one aims at theoretical study and is examination oriented, while the latter one teaches  more of a practical approaches towards the problems faced in an industry.

2.) Accelerated MBA:

Accelerated Mba is a later version of full time mba which requires 12 months of hard core dedication from the student. The number of working hours is greater than the full time programme, and the number of holidays is less.

3.) Part-time MBA:

This programme is mainly for the professionals who are not able to devote their complete time to the programme due to their work, and can attend classes only on weekends. This programme lasts for three years or more.

4.) Executive MBA (EMBA):

This programme is usually designed for those people who have a lot of work experience and cannot afford to take out a lot of time from their work to give to study. Those programme is stretched over a period of 12-24 months, financial assistance , in some cases, is provided by the organization in which the employer works.

5.) Distance learning MBA:

This programme makes use of various sources to teach its students. Some of them are: through mails, postal services, pre recorded videos, live conferences, etc. Students are required to hold offline meetings with other batchmates once in a while.

6.) Dual MBA:

These programmes combine an MBA degree with other degrees such as MA or MS. It offers large help to students who are not able to afford both the degrees separately due to economic reasons.

7.) Online MBA:

In this programme, participants can gain their desired qualification from premium institutes without actually travelling to those places. They can have the comfort of staying at their own places and studying online through the use of tablets, smart phones and other devices.

Various subjects available for specialisation are:

  1. Finance

MBA in finance is for a person who is completely in love with numbers. Various subjects like budget, capital management, strategic planning etc are made well versed. Specializing in finance opens many doors for the person, he can work in investment banks, financial consultancies, security firms etc.

  1. Marketing

MBA in marketing is the most sought-after specialization in India. It is for leaders! People who have excellent communication skills,  good convincing power and a dynamic and outgoing personality.  It teaches you various aspects of the market like the consumer behavior towards a particular type of good, advertising strategies,  sales and distribution pattern etc.

3.Human Recourse (HR)

Personnel management is a very important function of any industry, which is done by the HR managers. Recruitment of employees, firing people, deciding compensations, trainings, etc are all the work of HR managers.


MBA in Operations helps you to deal with Production Management or Shop Floor Management.  It gives you an insight into the process flow.  Usually engineers have an edge over the others in this type of specialization because they are well versed with the technical aspects of the product.

5.Information Technology(IT)

MBAs in IT are of a lot of help to big businesses. They develop softwares and hardware devices which provide solutions to many of the business problems.  An MBA in IT can become a business analyst, a project manager, business development manager etc.

6.Supply Chain Management

This type of specialization teaches the students various subjects like inventory management ( types of inventories, importance, etc) It teaches what transportation should be used for what types of products.

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