MBA In Hospital Management In India

MBA In Hospital Management In India

Overview on MBA in hospital management in India

The main aims of these courses are as follows:

Various colleges that offer mba in hospital management are as follows:-


The healthcare industry is continually growing and evolving. Medical establishments are a recession proof business. No matter what is the situation of the market, these will always be in demand. Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, etc are always looked upon by the sick and the ill people.  They are expected to deliver 24*7. Also, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who know the importance of healthcare, that is, awareness is increasing gradually. As a result demand for these institutions is increasing too.Medical establishments in themselves are organised institutions like any other business.  There is a need of proper management and supervision for its efficient working.  The procedure is complex, and every aspect of work demands a specialist. Hence it is not possible for the hospital doctors to handle all the day to day chores on their own( while handling medical cases too, simultaneously) , proper professional  managers are needed to keep the business running smoothly. Healthcare management executives are required for the proper functioning whether the hospital/clinic be private or government.

Management in hospitals done by highly trained professional executives is very important primarily because of  the nature of job done in hospitals. They must offer good quality efficient work and that too in a cost effective and urgent  manner. With increasing focus on quality, patient satisfaction, economic functioning and urgency in the profession, the need for trained managers has also increased. This has led to the establishment and formulation of many management courses in healthcare.   Some institutes offer diploma courses too. Hospital management deals with healthcare management, health services, clinical information systems management, global healthcare management, and health services administration.  Administration is  mainly concerned with thing like- how to coordinate, plan stuff, hire required staff, take technology decisions, manage budget, IT services,  evaluation and supervision  of health services for the masses.

The main aims of these courses are as follows:

  • To create young, energetic, creative, dynamic personality, who can efficiently manage all the hospital operations
  • To impart to students the knowledge related to management in general, and hospital management in specific
  • To impart knowledge to formulate strategies concerning all the dimensions of a medical care unit
  • To impart knowledge to students and improve their professional skills which will help them compete in the modern world
  • To hone the leadership skills of the student
  • To make the student understand of the organization as a whole and of the problems that the modern hospitals face
  • This course gives a two- fold benefit, a good pay scale, and service to mankind.

Various colleges that offer mba in hospital management are as follows:-

Faculty of Management Studies

University of Delhi, New Delhi

MBA in health care administration

Part time- 3 year course


Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Management

College square west, Kolkata

Post Graduate diploma programme in hospital management

Full Time 2 years course


Institute of Management Studies

Talshashila Campus Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya. Khandwa Road, Indore

Provides mba in hospital management

Full Time 2 years course


Indian Institute Of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Department of distance and open learning IIPM, Lucknow

It offers

MBA in hospital management’

Executive mba in hospital management

Post graduate diploma in hospital management

Advanced diploma in hospital management


Nizam Institute of Medical studies

Punjagutta, Hyderabad

Offers masters in hospital management

Full Time 2 years course


School of Medical Education

Mahatma Gandhi University , Kerela

It offers

Masters in Hospital management

Masters in public health administration

Full time 2 years course


Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration

Affiliated to Osmania university, Hyderabad

Masters in Hospital management

Full time 2 years course


Symboisis Centre of Healthcare

Senapati Bapat Road, Pune

Post graduate diploma in

Healthcare management

Medicolegal systems

Part time -2/1 year


Sree Balaji medical college and Hospital

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

MBA in hospital and health system management

Full time 2 years course


Tata Institute of Social science


It offers

Master of Hospital Administration

Master of Health Administration

Diploma in Hospital Administration

Full time/part time- 2/1 year


Department of Hospital management

Affiliated by Osmania university, Hyderabad

Post Graduate Programme in Hospital Management

Full time course


National Institute of Health and Family Welfare

New Delhi

It offers

Post graduate Certificate course in hospital management

Post graduate Certificate course in Health care and Family Welfare Management

Part time- 1 year course

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