Master of Arts

Master of Arts

Overview of M.A

About Master of Arts

What is Master of Arts?

Who should pursue this course?

Universities in The India that offer this course

Scope of Masters of Arts

The type of jobs in this field are  –

About Master of Arts

What is Master of Arts?

Master of Arts is a degree course. It is abbreviated as M.A . Although every university has its own subjects but the most common subjects in this course are English, Hindi, Teaching, Geography, Fine Arts Ancient Indian History, Painting,  Communication, International Relations, International Business Administration, Humanities, Philosophy, Journalism, Design and social science.

To pursue this course the student must have a Bachelor’s degree. It is a two year course. The various subjects available in The India are –

M.A (Ancient Indian History)

M.A (Educational Communication)

M.A (Rural Planning & Deveopment)


M.A. (Acharya)

M.A. (Adult Education)

M.A. (Advaita Vedanta)

M.A. (Advertising & Public Relations)

M.A. (Advertising and Design)

M.A. (Advertising and Marketing Management)

M.A. (Ancient History)

M.A. (Ancient Indian History and Archaeology)

M.A. (Animation)

M.A. (Anthropology)

M.A. (Anti Terrorism Laws)

M.A. (Applied Arts)

M.A. (Applied Economics)

M.A. (Applied Education)

M.A. (Applied Linguistics)

M.A. (Applied Psychology)

M.A. (Applied Yoga and Health)

M.A. (Arabic Language and Literature)

M.A. (Arabic)

M.A. (Archaeology)

M.A. (Art of Central Asia)

M.A. (Art of China and Korea)

M.A. (Art of Nepal and Tibet)

M.A. (Art of South East Asia)

M.A. (Assamese)

M.A. (Audio Visual Communication)

M.A. (Audiography)

M.A. (Bengali)

M.A. (Bharatanatyam)

M.A. (Biostatistics)

M.A. (Boro)

M.A. (Broadcast Communication)

M.A. (Broadcast Journalism)

M.A. (Buddhist Studies)

M.A. (Business Economics)

M.A. (Career Counselling)

M.A. (Child Care and Education)

M.A. (Chinese)

M.A. (Cinema and Television)

M.A. (Cinematography)

M.A. (Civil Services)

M.A. (Clinical Psychology)

M.A. (Clothing and Textiles)

M.A. (Commercial Art)

M.A. (Communication)

M.A. (Communication, Culture & Media)

M.A. (Communicative English)

M.A. (Comparative Dravidian Literature)

M.A. (Comparative indian Literature)

M.A. (Comparative Literature)

M.A. (Comparative Religion)

M.A. (Computational Linguistics)

M.A. (Continuing Education Management)

M.A. (Convergent Journalism)

M.A. (Corporate Secretaryship)

M.A. (Counselling Psychology)

M.A. (Criminal Justice)

M.A. (Criminology & Criminal Justice)

M.A. (Criminology and Police Administration)

M.A. (Cultural Studies)

M.A. (Culture and Media Studies)

M.A. (Dance)

M.A. (Defence and Strategic Studies)

M.A. (Defence Studies)

M.A. (Development Economics)

M.A. (Development Management)

M.A. (Development Studies)

M.A. (Dharma Shastra)

M.A. (Diplomacy, Law and Business)

M.A. (Direction)

M.A. (Distance Education)

M.A. (Dramatics)

M.A. (Drawing and Painting)

M.A. (Econometrics)

M.A. (Economics & Rural Development)

M.A. (Economics)

M.A. (Editing)

M.A. (Education and French)

M.A. (Education)

M.A. (English and Communicative Studies)

M.A. (English Language and Literature)

M.A. (English Language Teaching)

M.A. (English Literature and American Studies)

M.A. (English Literature)

M.A. (English)

M.A. (Environment & Ecology)

M.A. (Environmental Management)

M.A. (Environmental Sciences)

M.A. (European Art)

M.A. (European Languages)

M.A. (Extension & Development Studies)

M.A. (Extension and Communications)

M.A. (Extension Education & Rural Development)

M.A. (Extension Education and Social Work)

M.A. (Fashion Design)

M.A. (Fashion Marketing)

M.A. (Fashion Merchandising)

M.A. (Fashion Retail Management)

M.A. (Fashion Retail)

M.A. (Fashion Technology)

M.A. (Film & TV Production)

M.A. (Financial Risk Management)

M.A. (Fine Arts and Painting)

M.A. (Fine Arts)

M.A. (Folk Music)

M.A. (Folklore Studies)

M.A. (Food Nutrition)

M.A. (Foreign Trade Management)

M.A. (French)

M.A. (French/German/Hispanic/Italian Studies)

M.A. (Functional Hindi (Translation))

M.A. (Gandhian Peace and Rural Development Studies)

M.A. (Gandhian Philosophy)

M.A. (Gandhian Studies)

M.A. (Garment Production & Export Management)

M.A. (Gender and Development Studies)

M.A. (Gender Studies)

M.A. (Geo Informatics)

M.A. (Geography)

M.A. (Geology)

M.A. (German)

M.A. (Governance and Development)

M.A. (Graphic Design)

M.A. (Gujarati)

M.A. (Gurmat Sangeet Gayan)

M.A. (Hindi and Journalism)

M.A. (Hindi Literature)

M.A. (Hindi)

M.A. (History and Archaeology)

M.A. (History and Culture)

M.A. (History of Art)

M.A. (History of Fine Arts)

M.A. (History of Indian Art and Culture)

M.A. (History)

M.A. (Holistic Child Development)

M.A. (Home Science)

M.A. (Hons.) Social Sciences

M.A. (Human Development)

M.A. (Human Resource Management)

M.A. (Human Rights and Duties Education)

M.A. (Human Rights)

M.A. (Indian Art)

M.A. (Indian Classical Dance)

M.A. (Indian Philosophy and Religion)

M.A. (Indian Theatre)

M.A. (Intellectual Property Rights)

M.A. (International Relations and Political Science)

M.A. (International Relations and South Asian Studies)

M.A. (International Studies)

M.A. (Islamic History & Culture)

M.A. (Islamic Studies)

M.A. (Jain Darshan)

M.A. (Jain Study)

M.A. (Japanese)

M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)

M.A. (Journalism)

M.A. (Jyotish Karamkand)

M.A. (Jyotish)

M.A. (Kannada)

M.A. (Kashmiri)

M.A. (Kathak)

M.A. (Konkani)

M.A. (Labour and Development)

M.A. (Lalit Kala)

M.A. (Life Skills Education)

M.A. (Linguistics)

M.A. (Local Governance)

M.A. (Logic and Philosophy of Religion)

M.A. (Malayalam)

M.A. (Manipuri)

M.A. (Marathi)

M.A. (Marketing and Management Communication)

M.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)

M.A. (Mass Communication)

M.A. (Master of Orient Learning)

M.A. (Mathematics)

M.A. (Media Management)

M.A. (Media Studies and Production)

M.A. (Mridangam)

M.A. (Multimedia)

M.A. (Museology)

M.A. (Music Instrumental/Vocal)

M.A. (Music Vocal)

M.A. (Music)

M.A. (Musicology)

M.A. (Navya Vyakarana)

M.A. (Navya-Nyaya)

M.A. (Nepali)

M.A. (NGO Management)

M.A. (Operations Research)

M.A. (Oriya)

M.A. (Painting)

M.A. (Pali and Buddhist Studies)

M.A. (Pali)

M.A. (Paurohitya)

M.A. (Percussion)

M.A. (Performing Arts)

M.A. (Persian)

M.A. (Personnel Management and Industrial Relations)

M.A. (Phalit Jyotisha)

M.A. (Philosophy)

M.A. (Philosophy, Culture and Tourism)

M.A. (Photojournalism)

M.A. (Police Administration)

M.A. (Political Science and Public Administration)

M.A. (Political Science)

M.A. (Politics)

M.A. (Population Studies)

M.A. (Portuguese)

M.A. (Post Afzal-Ul-Ulama)

M.A. (PR and Event Management)

M.A. (Pracheen Vyakarana)

M.A. (Prachinanyayavaishesika)

M.A. (Prakrit)

M.A. (Production Design)

M.A. (Production Management)

M.A. (Professional Urdu)

M.A. (Psychology)

M.A. (Public Administration)

M.A. (Public Policy)

M.A. (Public Policy, Law and Governance)

M.A. (Public Relations)

M.A. (Punjabi)

M.A. (Puranetihasa)

M.A. (Quantitative Economics)

M.A. (Rajasthani)

M.A. (Religious Studies)

M.A. (Rural Development)

M.A. (Rural Economics)

M.A. (Russian Studies)

M.A. (Sahitya)

M.A. (Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy)

M.A. (Sankhya Yoga)

M.A. (Sanskrit & Lexicography)

M.A. (Sanskrit Literature)

M.A. (Sanskrit)

M.A. (Script Writing)

M.A. (Sculpture)

M.A. (Shukla Yajurveda)

M.A. (Siddhanta Jyotisha)

M.A. (Sikh Studies)

M.A. (Sindhi)

M.A. (Social Anthropology)

M.A. (Social Management)

M.A. (Social Work)

M.A. (Sociology)

M.A. (Spanish)

M.A. (Statistics)

M.A. (Tamil and Indian Literature)

M.A. (Tamil)

M.A. (Telugu)

M.A. (Textile Designing)

M.A. (Theatre)

M.A. (Tourism Administration)

M.A. (Tourism Management)

M.A. (Translation)

M.A. (Urdu)

M.A. (Vastu Shastra)

M.A. (Veda)

M.A. (Visistadvaita Vedanta)

M.A. (Visual Arts)

M.A. (Vocal and Instrumental Music (Hindustani & Karnatic))

M.A. (Vyavasayic Hindi(Patrakarita evam Jansanchar))

M.A. (Women’s Studies)

M.A. (Yoga and Naturopathy)

M.A. (Yoga)

M.A. (Yogashastra)

M.A. (Youth Empowerment)

M.A. Music (Instrumental)

M.A. Statistics (Acturial)

M.Tech. (Air Armament)

M.Tech. (Chemistry – (High Energy Materials))

Who should pursue this course?

This field is for those students who believe in a more creative world. This field is for writers, philosophers, historians, poets and those who do not believe that engineering is their ultimate destination. This is for those people who have a different vision and believe in a different career path.

The students who want to be writers need to be more creative, poets need to have a sense of pun, historians need a good memory to remember dates and events and philosophers need depth in their works. These are just a few examples while this field includes many more career paths.

Universities in The India that offer this Master of Arts

Some of the colleges in The India that offer this course are –

  1. Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) for Women, New Delhi Lady Shri Ram College
  2. Loyola College, ChennaiLoyola College, Chennai
  3. St. Stephen’s College, New DelhiSt. Stephens College, Delhi University
  4. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  5. Miranda House, New Delhi
  6. Christ College, Bangalore
  7. Madras Christian College (MCC), Chennai
  8. Hindu College, New Delhi
  9. Fergusson College, Pune
  10. Stella Maris College, Chennai
  11. Hansraj College, Delhi
  12. Ramjas College, New Delhi
  13. Jesus & Mary College (JMC), Delhi
  14. Kamala Nehru College for Women, Delhi
  15. Presidency College, Chennai

Scope of Masters of Arts

People with Master of Arts can pursue career in different fields. They can assume high positions in the field of Economy, History, Archaeology, Education, Philosophy, Political science, Public Relation, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Journalism etc.

Employment Areas for this degree holders are –

Business Houses


Educational Institutes

Foreign Affairs

Industrial Houses

Law Firms


News Media

Public Works


The type of jobs for Master of Arts  –

Administrative Officer

Business Consultants

Finance Managers

Human Resource Managers


Marketing Managers

Labour Management Relations Specialist

Social Worker


Production Managers

Research and Development Managers

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