About PGDM Jobs

About Jobs in PGDM

The business schools in India offer various management degree programs which are not necessarily called as MBA. Students are often unaware of the fact that some of the elite institutes of the country do not provide MBA rather they provide Diploma in management. IIM (Indian Institute of Management) provide Post Graduate Diploma Programs and XLRI (Xavier Institutes) provides Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). Astonishing isn’t it? This difference is only created because of law in India. Only universities can provide degree programs and autonomous bodies not affiliated to a University can’t provide any such degree so they provide diploma.

In today’s world, PGDMs along with MBAs are highly in demand. Industry needs management skills for progress. When looked into the corporate world PGDM is preferred than MBA because it is more updated and industrially applicable but MBA is updated every 5-10 yrs depending upon the university. The students can make their career in various fields: Finance Management Experts, Corporate Strategy Planners, Sales & Marketing Managers, Business Analysts, Group Product Managers, Project Managers, Market Analysts, Finance Analysts, Operations Managers, and Public Relations Executives. There is variety of careers starting from managing to start your own business is open to you after PGDM course.

The most hottest and appealing job is investment banking. Investment banker as a whole looks after the profit aspect of company. From handling assets to client acquisitions, the responsibility lies in the hand of investment banker. Interest in mathematics makes you ideal for this field. Apart from this, marketing or business analysts can also be successful career path. From low level of management to top level, marketing is one of the important aspects of management. A business success depends on how far its reach is. In the course period the students are trained with many real life business scenarios. Analyzing and providing a proper solution with a maximum profitable position will be the overall work. It also includes business consulting. Financial consulting, management consulting, backend consulting are some of the other similar fields of work. Role of consulting can be done in two ways: free lancing or full time employment. Next moving on to entrepreneurship, it is one of the most recent and successful career. The seeds of a successful business are well rooted since the starting of degree. Management skills combined with knowledge of finance helps in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Only a new idea is required to work upon.

PGDM can have potential application in broad spheres. They can get associated with public sector projects of nation building. The private sector provides enormous opportunity to all technocrats. Management of these firms is utmost important. Non-government organization requires management and leadership in their heads. Management professionals can guide through proper investment in the most effective way. There is n number of ways to have a prosperous career after management diploma. It is almost considered as the highest degree that can be obtained. Ideally finding the interest and strength can help one to choose a perfect career.


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