ICFAI Business School

ICFAI Business School-Secure Your Career By Pursuing Business Management From A Reputed Institute.

ICFAI Business School – Secure Your Career By Pursuing Business Management From A Reputed Institute

When it comes to pursue business management in India, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) leads the league by offering unparalleled education in the management sector. Almost every MBA aspirant dreams of getting admission in IIM but it takes a lot to get into IIM. From one’s high-end academic record to exceptional CAT (Common Aptitude Test) performance, each and every factor goes into play while getting admission into IIM. But not getting admission into IIM doesn’t mean a gloomy future for aspirants as there are hundreds of other institutes that offer high quality management education to individuals.

The best thing to get admission in a reputed management institute is to carry out a deep-down research covering all leading b schools in India. This research would help you not only in choosing the right college for your education but can also help you determine the right path towards success.

ICFAI Business School is one of the leading b schools in India which aims at delivering exceptional quality management education to its students along with world-class infrastructure. The institute believes in offering innovative and globally accepted programs and tremendous opportunities for the overall development of the students. It is the power of 100% case-based learning which gives ICFAI a leading edge in the field of management education.

The institute has several campuses in India that are located at Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. They provide two-year, full-time management programs to give students the right learning environment and education for a successful career ahead. The most distinguished thing about the institute is its unique and innovative approach to business education which implies on delivering the right knowledge, and right skills for long-lasting success in management careers. Apart from its 9 campuses across India, ICFAI has successfully trained over 5900 students so far.

Over the past few years, the institute has been getting recognized for its world-class management education and considered as one of the leading business management institutes in the country. It is the power of right knowledge which is created by the institute through the practice of a range of core, functional and imperative subjects. As practice forms the base for business, equal emphasis is put on concepts and applications. This combination of ideas and actions is achieved through different pedagogic techniques such as lectures, case studies, business games, the summer internship program, the management research project, etc.

Whether you already have a management background or wish to make a fresh start in the field of business management, pursuing MBA from ICFAI helps you master and apply the professional, personal, and human skills that are imperative for sound decision making and execution. The institute conducts a series of soft-skills lab sessions to train the students in these skills.

Besides providing right education, students get to learn and develop the right attitudes such as positive thinking, risk-taking, opportunity-seeking, adapting to change, and achieving a proper balance between divergent goals of life.

Similarly there are many other management institutes that promise to secure one’s career in the field of management by delivering the perfect education.


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