How to get MBA admission in Christ University?

MBA admission in Christ University

Overview on how to get MBA admission in Christ University

About MBA

About Christ University

How to get MBA admission in Christ University?

Who should pursue this course?

Benefits of doing MBA



About MBA

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. It is a post graduate degree. Anyone who wants to pursue MBA should be a graduate in any field. MBA course is offered by an affiliated university. There are two options

Full time MBA

Part time MBA

Some of the subjects that it includes are-


HR ( Human Resources)

IT ( information technology)

SCM( supply chain management)

-Operational management


About Christ University

Christ University was established in the year 1969. It is a private university situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is managed by Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI).India Toda-Nielsen survey ranked Christ University in top 10 in Science, Arts, Commerce and Law in the year 2014.Christ University is recognized by UGC and accredited by NAAC.

How to get MBA admission in Christ University?

For admission in Christ University a score of 600 or above in the Management Aptitude Test (MAT) conducted by AIMA or a score of 450 or above in GMAT or 70% or above in CMAT or 70% or above in CAT or 70% or above in ATMA is required.

Who should pursue this course?

Students who want a career in the field of business or industries or public dealing should opt for this course.Anyone with the fire of starting their own business should opt for this course as it gives you the knowledge of how to do so?

Benefits of doing MBA

Some of the benefits of MBA are

  1. Higher salary –

Average salary of a MBA degree holder is comparatively higher than that of other master degree holders. The years and money invested in this course is worth it and is earned within 2-3 years of working.

  1. Better job proposals –

MBA degree holders are more experienced in management, public dealing and finance. Hence they are preferred everywhere. This degree is worldwide recognized so lots of opportunities. MBA degree holders are directly taken as senior managers or board directors.

  1. Better entrepreneur –

MBA degree holders make better Entrepreneurs as they have experience in as to how to handle their clients, how to increase their sales, how to minimize production cost or investment and what all measures would profit them more? They are more equipped with business strategies. They are bound to make less mistakes and know the pros and cons of their actions.

  1. Better networks –

As a part of MBA program the institutes provides their students with maximum industrial exposure. This gives them ample opportunity to interact with many senior officials and pioneers. This profits them once they pass out.

  1. Better skills and more experience

MBA institute make their students efficient in every field. They are provided with better knowledge plus practical exposure.


Address : Christ University , Hosur Road , Bangalore – 560029, Karnataka, India.

Phone : +91 804012 9100 / 9600,

+91 804012 9281 / 9282 / 9283 / 9284 / 9285

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