Event Management Colleges in India

Event management colleges in India

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Courses in Event Management

Colleges in India that offers courses in Event Management

Who should pursue these courses?

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About Event Management

Event management refers to the management of any event be it a wedding ceremony or a function or festival or a formal meeting or a cultural get together from end to end. Managing an event’s finances, needs and impact all come under Event Management. Coordinating the activities before actual launch of event such as the selection of appropriate location for the event, how the event would proceed, what all things would be required, estimating how much would the expenditure be, the type of audience that would be attending the event, required transportation and parking facility, selection of caterers according to audience and event, decoration, entertainment, security, emergency that could possibly occur etc. are aspects of Event Management. Event Management is a big industry and is ever expanding. Now-a-days events of all sizes be it as big as Olympics or as small as a business meeting all are properly planned and executed by Event Management Industry.

Courses in Event Management

There are various courses available in India in Event Management such as diploma or post graduate courses. These courses not only help a student in transforming his or her ideas into reality but also teaches them how to do it in a budget. These courses help students to learn how to make their approach strategic and how to be a team player. How to coordinate and execute? find top Event management colleges in India here.

Event management colleges in India

Event management colleges in India are-

National Institute of Event Management (NIEM) –

1.Diploma in Event Management (11 months part time)

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management (PGDEM) (11months part time)
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising, Media & Event Management (PGDAME) (11months full time)

Phone : Mumbai Head Office 91 22 26716676, 22682928.

International Institute of Event Management (IIEM) –  Certificate programs in Event

Management, Diploma in Event


Phone: +1 888-271-9214

Email : admissions@ii-em.org

Amity Institute of Event Management – Phone : 0120-2445252, 0120-4713600

Email – admissions@amity.edu

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication – Phone : (011) 260 12212/ 13/ 14

Email : aes@appejay.edu

Directorate of Distance Education, Pondicherry University – Postgraduate Diploma in Event


EMDI Institute of Media & Communication –

1.Diploma in Event Management

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management (PGDEM)

Indian Institute for Development in Education & Advanced Studies – Diploma in Event, Spor& Entertainment Management

Who should pursue these courses?

  • Students who think they are creative and enjoy planning events to every minute detail. They should have ideas as per the need of client. They should have the capability to give the best within the budget.
  • Students should have great imagination, planning ability, coordinating ability and execution ability. Students should be a team player.

Scope of career in Event Management

There is a vast scope for career in Event Management. This field calls for managers at every step. From positions for planning, financing, organizing, executing till positions for public handling, security management all call for graduates and postgraduates from Event Management.A person can apply in Event Management company, travel agency, advertising agency, news media etc.If an individual wants to start his own agency then also there are various options like a wedding planning agency, sports event agency, birthday or anniversary agency etc.

Top organizations in this sector are-

Reliance Entertainment

WOW events pvt. Ltd.


Cox & kings

Vibes Entertainment


Black Riders Advertising pvt ltd.

Many more

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