AICTE and Its Relation With MBA


Overview Of AICTE and its relation with MBA

About AICTE and its relation with MBA


About AICTE and Its relation with MBA

As a common citizen, daily when we read a newspaper and look at those catchy, colorful advertisements of various colleges and universities offering enormous number of courses, there exists a particular line which states that from where that college or university is recognized. Many of us get curious upon encountering that line; by us here I refer mostly to the students preparing for various competitive exams. This curiosity not always gets satisfied as we fail to come across a reasonable explanation for the same.

One such popular line contains a name ‘AICTE’. AICTE stands for The All India Council for Technical Education which is a statutory body that was established in order to maintain proper planning and coordinate the development of technical and management education system in India. Now this was a very bookish explanation hence to be more explanatory AICTE is an autonomous body that looks after the development and functioning of technical and management studies across the nation. This body sets a bench mark of criteria for analyzing various universities and recognizes them only and only if their criteria are satisfied. This helps our education system to maintain a quality of education and produce quality professionals. As it is very clear that we obviously need a body in order to keep our education system competitive with the rest of the world thus AICTE is of great importance to our education system. But a point that must be striking one’s mind is that what significance does AICTE have for an M.B.A.

This point can be clarified by some brainstorming. By that I mean, any aspirant who gives C.A.T. or any other competitive exam to get an admission into a good college to pursue an M.B.A. must be very clear with the credibility of the various colleges that accept the score of the exam given by him or her. Apart from that, there exist some good deemed universities too who are accredited and recognized by major autonomous bodies including the AICTE.  A very harsh reality is that with this much competition out there and with the number of seats available, not all of the aspirants will get into IIM’s thus, a major portion of the aspirants tend to settle for such deemed universities or other private universities. Hence, it becomes very important to analyze the credibility of the institutes before getting yourself enrolled for some course in them as when one gets exposed into the market then all that the recruiters look for is credibility and potential and god forbid if one’s degree itself is not credible then the impression left is something to be forget.  And the last thing that a professional would want is having a degree that is just not credible or up to the standards.


In order to conclude now, it is quite evident that any course needs proper recognition in order to guarantee quality education and raise the horizon of the education system in this country and M.B.A. being one such professional course also needs recognition. AICTE is undoubtedly a very reliable body whose recognition helps students and aspirants to analyze and judge the credibility of various universities and thus make the best selection that would ensure them a quality career that is successful.


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