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Internship: A Priceless Value Addition to MBA Career

The current education system has undergone a revolution by not only focusing on quantity but also emphasizing simultaneously on the quality of education. Educationists are advocating the concept of practical learning i.e. the knowledge that can be applied to real life scenarios. Limiting the theories and ideas to ourselves takes us far from reality. Though the institutes of higher learning provide some great insight in studies, there is still a need of connecting them to the world’s business. In today’s world there students as well as business industries have a great demand for MBA. It is an application based specialized degree program that trains young minds to understand various aspects of business and tactfully deal with the real problems.

The best MBA degree from a prestigious institute is incomplete if the skills learnt there can’t be used in the business world. The internships are hence included in the MBA curriculum to make students get firsthand experience of working in an organization. This also helps the students to choose their field of interest which they will later pursue as their career. It will help them decide which companies will be best suitable for them. Academically internship shows how important the classroom study is. Internship is the practical application of the theoretically gathered knowledge. The student looks up at a greater picture where his knowledge results in success. Not only academically the student also develops interpersonal skills, leadership, team skill, networking that helps him in the long run. Working as a team with professionals help the student to get valuable experience and hone their skills. Companies often look for these qualities also in the students while hiring. Internship often becomes the X factor in your resume. It boosts the candidate’s competitiveness. The more prepared the student is more is his chance of success in this competitive world. Recommendations from respected business institutions can enhance the students’ credentials. Many companies also give full time employment to its interns upon their performance. This is called Pre Placement Offers (PPOs). If the students get the PPOs, then it becomes easy for the Final year placement as many students will already be placed. According to survey conducted by Graduate Management Admission council 62% of employers hire the interns and 72% of them interview the candidates who have already worked with them before considering other candidates. Adding to this these experienced candidates also get a higher pay package.

The internships with placements give a lot of advantage to the B school students. They also help to predict the sectors which are likely to have great demand in future. In a way the students also understand the expectation of the industries in the current fiscal year and prepare themselves to sync with the industry. The curriculum is upgraded taking into consideration these demand. With cutthroat competitions in the job market, the rising number of MBA colleges is making a difficulty for students to secure a good job. So the companies look upon the college’s previous record and quality of students, who have already worked with them, to offer jobs. Internship in the company can appear as the early bird which can be of great advantage to the B school.

Students often see holidays as a time to relax but a student with far fetch thinking utilizes his time to do something productive which helps him to survive in this cutthroat world. Experience of working in real life scenarios gives an advantage to face the future situations. Internship helps the student to get the initial steps of the holistic development for the success in the near future.


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