3 exciting reasons an MBA can fast-track your career

3 exciting reasons an MBA can fast-track your career

For graduates of any age, an MBA now offers one of the smoothest favoured paths to a top-flight career with a reputable organisation or a self-employed entrepreneurial enterprise.

Course specifics differ depending on factors like the awarding institution and a particular market focus — but core disciplines of strategic leadership, organisational behaviour and financial planning are globally relevant.

And there are other exciting reasons an MBA can fast-track your career — here are three of the best.

  1. Entrepreneurial focus

If you’re interested in starting your own business but want the formal business skills to back up your ingenuity and innovation, learning entrepreneurial skills during an MBA can set you up for success.

Choosing an enterprise-focused MBA endows you with the skillset necessary to monetise an inspirational offering and launch it in a competitive market — as well as complementary disciplines like budgeting and project management.

You might complete a project where you’re mentored by experts to conduct research, explore funding streams and develop a viable business proposition — excellent preparation for taking the plunge in real life.

So take your time analysing the module elements of your course and the final assessment to ensure they’re geared towards being your own boss rather than slotting into an existing company.

  1. Online flexibility

Changing employment climates in many economies mean that it’s not uncommon for more mature workers to seek a career switch in middle-age.

But financial and family responsibilities might mean that studying full-time is impractical.

However, earning a distance learning MBA allows you to keep your current job until you’re prepared and qualified to move on.

Lots of highly-rated institutions offer online versions of their MBA programmes and as well as the vocational value of these courses, their accessibility often means you’ll get to know international classmates who you might end up collaborating with at some point in the future.

Part-time studies mean that graduation takes a little longer, but this method is much more manageable for many students.

  1. Networking

One of the best hidden benefits of studying for an MBA is the opportunities it opens up to connect with like minded aspiration business people.

Networking during your MBA can help you develop contacts that assist you throughout your career and you’ll discover many formal and informal forums.

Student clubs might gather members together from family businesses, or those with a specific demographic focus on gender or culture.

And outside the classroom and organised activities, a busy social life means you’ll regularly rub shoulders with interesting people from all walks of life — offering new perspectives on your own business plans and revealing different angles of approach.

Because an MBA is one of the most career-focused courses many universities offer, staff members will also likely be proactive in connecting you with companies who might offer internships or even paid positions to the most promising students.

So networking effectively can enhance the value of your MBA and enable it to deliver you to career destinations you might never have imagined.

These three exciting reasons an MBA can fast-track your career should provide food for thought and convince you to take the first steps towards a fulfilling new job.

Have you completed an MBA? Tell us how it enhanced your career in the comments section.

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