10 tips to increase your vocabulary with minimal effort

10 tips to increase your vocabulary with minimal effort

It might have occurred to you many a times that you don’t speak words like some people around you. Sometimes words feel like bullets when you don’t get their meaning or their usage and the only option to escape this embarrassing situation is to either dodge the shot or pretend you never heard a word.

Well, neither of the escape choices is good for people who want to survive in this changing world. Vocabulary is a necessity that needs to be enhanced at every opportunity one gets in his day.

Here are some easy and fun to practice, skills and ways you can adopt to gain plus points in your communication skills:

  1. Start watching English plays

    – Like I said the ways to enhance your vocabulary would be fun, so English plays can help. You get to learn many new words along with their correct usage in sentences. Just try to concentrate on the speakers and jot down the words and sentences which you find difficult to comprehend. Try taking help from a dictionary or your teachers to know the meaning of the same.

  1. Share the word which you learnt during the day

    Catching up with what you heard is easy but to retain the same is difficult. If you share the new word and its meaning (along with some example describing its usage) with your friends or with your family members, then it stays in your mind for a long time. It is always a good practice to learn and teach the world!

  1. Make reading your best hobby

    There is no better friend than a book. But here I won’t specify reading just a book. You can always opt for a good magazine or may be blogs related to your field of interest. News-papers too serve an excellent aid to improve your vocabulary.

  1. Turn the social media into your learning space

    We all are quite active on WhatsApp and Facebook. Besides indulging into groups in support of sports discussion and movie review sessions, create your own circle where each member can share a word with its meaning and usage. It not only helps to retain what you learnt but also creates interest and feeling of being responsible of what others learn. Trust me, friends help you learn faster than you can expect.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask

    Whenever you hear someone speaking a word which altogether seems French or German, don’t shy away to know the exact meaning of the word. Nobody was born with the oxford dictionary in mind, so chill. The thought of being laughed at, should never cross the mind of a person who is keen to improve.

  1. Speak what you read or hear

    Mugging up a dictionary and not knowing how to pronounce and use the words in your conversation is a waste of time and energy. Participate in recitations and debates which can make you comfortable with practicing the words with confidence. With communication platforms, you get to use the same words at different occasions, having different meaning.

  1. Diary entry

    We all are aware of the kind of diary entry assignments we used to get in our schools, but here it requires you to maintain a record of the words you learn through whatever you read or watch and hear. A quick revision of the words every night before going to sleep will help you remember them all your life.

  1. Find a writer in you

    If you love to write stories then try giving a chance to your hobby and try to structure your thoughts with words with some advanced versions of the simple usage. You can always write blogs and articles to spawn your thoughts with magic words. You can always get other people participating in your work, who can suggest improvement.

  1. ‘Appitize’ your learning

    Everyone today has a smartphone. And all phones have access to thousands of applications software’s. Some apps have been built to help you with words and their meanings. You can always download a good application which would prove handy on your road to build a better vocabulary.

  1. Play word games

    We all have played the geography based game, ATLAS. Similarly, you can play a game using the initials given to you to create some English word instead of the name of city and place. Cross-words and puzzles can also aid if you love your company more. We all would agree with the proverb, ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.’


Apart from the above list of suggestions, you can always listen to English music, watch some good movies and Tv series to get a good hold over your vocabulary. Discovery channel or National Geographic channel are some popular Tv channels which can increase your vocabulary and knowledge at the same time. Don’t stop conversing with the fear of speaking wrong in front of others. Because you won’t learn without making mistakes.

If you have already made up your mind to improve your vocabulary, then without wasting another moment just start working upon your knowledge of words because its ‘Better late than never’. Learning and improving knows no bounds, neither of age nor of time. Whether you are a school going kid or a parent of a child, the curiosity of knowledge and learning should never die.


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Don’t allow your poor vocabulary a hindrance to your chances of being confident and presentable with your conversing and writing skills. With each little step, you will surely improve, but one must start the journey to reach the summit of success. Nothing comes easy, and so you must work a little harder and take some extra pain and effort to improve your vocabulary too.

Hope you find this article enlightening.

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