MBA in Finance Vs Charted Accountant

MBA in Finance Vs Charted Accountant details.

MBA in Finance Vs Charted Accountant?

The students would have this question in mind. Whether to do MBA in finance or CA? MBA in finance is about the financial details associated with the business and CA deals mainly with accounting where accountants would prepare the financial statements. An experienced charted accountant will earn high. An MBA candidate can work in investment service, real estate industry, the banking industry and even go for jobs in abroad. You should have the required skills with the deep subject knowledge to work in a finance industry.

You can work independently as an auditor in the case of CA. For this, you have to clear the CPT exam and training. If you are not good in numbers then it would take more years to complete CA.  Sometimes you would get frustrated if you cannot clear the CA exam in the initial attempts. For MBA, you have to clear the tough entrance exam and if selected you can complete the degree in a fixed duration. The cost required to do CA will be low compared to MBA in the top B-Schools.

You will be studying these subjects in MBA finance. They are corporate finance, global economy, portfolio analysis, financial issues that you could face in a management, statistics in business, basic introduction to accounting and microeconomics. The top finance companies are providing internship opportunities for the students. So they would be trained practically.

If you do MBA in IIM, then you will get more job opportunities than CA.  If you are interested in Mathematics and accounts then go ahead with CA. As a CA candidate, you can find jobs in taxation, auditing, accounting, business laws.  The topics that are included in CA are business mathematics, accounting in detail, advanced accounting, corporate law, Mercantile Law, general English, IT management and statistics.

An MBA candidate is receiving a high salary because of their knowledge in finance, administration and vocabulary.  Their efficiency in language will be tested starting from their admission in management schools. Through the field work, an MBA student can learn more than a CA student. The CA students will give more focus on clearing the exams with good percentage and not in their soft skills. Initially, the salary package is low for CA, but the students will get an opportunity to work anywhere in the country.  Today anybody can do MBA. The students from top management institute can get a job with a decent salary but what about other people who are doing MBA in other institutes?

But in the case of CA, students who have passed charted accountancy with good marks will be low in the job market. So there will be more demand for the CA students in future.

If you are good in academics then you will be promoted quickly than an MBA professional.  The pass percentage of CA students will be determined based on overall performance of the students in India.

To do MBA in finance, you can be able to find more institutions whereas you will find only one institute to do CA and that is The Institute of Charted Accountants of India.

The fact is that you can choose any of these subjects, but chances of getting a job will depend on   your soft skills. So try to improve your skills for a better job. You can get more knowledge by reading the financial information daily in the newspapers, magazines, and need to attend the financial industry related conferences.

Based on your interest you can choose either MBA in finance or CA.  Finally, your efforts only will help you to achieve the success.


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