Overview of MBA in Australia

Study MBA in Australia

Study MBA in Australia

Why choose Australia?

Study MBA in Australia

Why choose Australia?
Australia is one of the world’s biggest educational hubs for a variety of courses. Due to its unique mix of different cultures both Eastern and Western all under one roof, Australia is one of the best options for international exposure and global relations. It also has diverse geographical and biological backgrounds thereby providing students with a variety of desirable environmental, climatic, cultural options to study and reside in. It is home to some of world-class internationally recognized MBA programmes that are guaranteed to build and boost professional careers of students here. Educational programmes offered here also friendly for one’s pockets as Australia proves to be more affordable in terms of educational fees and cost of living as compared to other giant educational hubs like the US and UK. Australia also provides a friendly and suitable cultural, social and competitive environment for students and thereby proves to be a trending choice for students worldwide.

About Australian MBA programmes
Australia is home to some of the world’s best internationally recognized MBA programmes. There is an Australian National MBA accreditation council called the GMAA (Graduate Management Association of Australia) that takes care of the uniformity of core courses in MBA curriculums taught all over the continent and also ensures that the standards of MBA programmes are maintained and improved over time. There are about 40-45 excellent but different MBA programmes to choose from that are offered all over Australia. These programmes are mostly customized to business in the Asia-Pacific region and this proves to be an asset for students under these programmes as there is a growing trend for trade relations between Australia and Asia countries. Duration of MBA programmes are increasingly flexible (between 16 months to 4 years) and can be catered to suit one’s needs whether it be depending upon the financial conditions or time constraints of students. It is no doubt that students admitted under Australian MBA programmes will benefit greatly because of the world-class curriculum, international exposure and the geographically and biologically diverse environments and hence students will learn how to apply themselves in the real world thereby strengthening their concepts in business and management making them world class future executives and entrepreneurs.

Admission eligibility
Specifications differ from institute to institute. However the common criteria continues to be:
1) An undergraduate degree of minimum 3 years (Preferably a Bachelor’s degree) in any discipline
2) Work experience (not necessarily applicable everywhere, depends upon institute’s specifications)
3) Proof of proficiency of the English language
GMAT scores are not necessary nor are they a part of admission criteria but if delivered along with the academic portfolio, it can really work in favour of students’ admission.

Required Documents
1) All academic transcripts (if not available in English, then attach a close translation of the same) in a semester-wise breakdown
2) A well explained work resume of all previous work experiences including duration
3) English Proficiency Test scores (If needed, preferred test is IELTS and can be substituted for TOEFL scores)
4) Letters of recommendation (atleast two)
5) MBA essays (number depends on the university, require to describe your background, long term goals and how admission into this programme shall impact your life)
6) Any other VISA related documents

Some schools in Australia offering MBA programmes
1) Melbourne Business School (MBS) – Victoria, Australia
2) Sydney Business School – Sydney, Australia
3) Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) – Sydney, Australia
4) University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) – Sydney, Australia
5) University of Sydney – Sydney, Australia
6) Australian Institute of Business (AIB) – Adelaide, Australia
7) Monash University – Victoria, Australia
8) Deakin University, Deakin Business School – Malvern, Australia
9) The University of Queensland, UQ Business School – Queensland, Australia
10) Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane Graduate School of Business (BGSB) – Brisbane, Australia
11) University of South Australia, International Graduate School of Business (IGSB) – Adelaide, Australia
12) The University of New England – Armidale, Australia
13) RMIT University – Melbourne, Australia
14) The University of Adelaide, Adelaide Graduate School of Business (AGSB) – South Australia, Australia
15) Victoria University Graduate School of Business – Melbourne, Australia
16) Bond University – Robina, Australia
17) James Cook University (JCU) – Townsville, Australia
18) University of Southern Queensland (USQ) – Queensland, Australia
19) Griffith University, Griffith Business School – Nathan, Australia
20) The University of Western Australia (UWA) Business School – Crawley, Australia

Students VISA for MBA
Student VISAs for students wishing to study in Australia are available for the duration of the course plus one more month (28 days) after the competition of this course. In order to be eligible for this course, one must be above the age of 16. Part time jobs are allowed on this VISA however you require to possess a valid Tax File Number. Cost for such a VISA is around 535 Australian dollars and health insurance is not covered under this. For more information on this, one may visit the Australian immigration website and apply for a VISA there. focuses on assisting students towards admissions in top colleges all across India in all the streams of education. For more information, visit or mail at You can also call at 9533553390.

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