Distance learning In Symbiosis

distance learning in Symbiosis

Procedure For Distance Learning In Symbiosis

With the change in time, everything has seen transformations. This is simply due to the fact that everything that exists in this world needs to cope up with time in order to survive. Education is no different.

Since the ancient days, when the concept of school was entirely different to what exists now our education system has seen many changes. As a consequence of this, the students today tend to learn a little more that the people who studied some years back mainly due to the elaboration of curriculum, addition of subjects which is all due to the latest discoveries that occur in the world. For instance, no one knew about the Bose Einstein Condensate or the fifth state of matter before it was discovered and as soon as it was discovered it got added into the syllabus of schools all over the world. Hence, it is now quite understood that why it is important to revise and transform the education system with the ever changing time. One such change is that of distance learning.

Many Universities and colleges now tend to offer distance learning courses. Under such courses, the students take admissions but don’t have to attend their classes rather they are sent the study material and study modules online via internet and are expected to study on their own. Special doubt clearing sessions with faculties is are also held if in case they have a doubt in what they are studying. This is more of a virtual class in which the barrier of distance has been eradicated.

Symbiosis is one such popular university which is well known for its distance learning programs popularly MBA and other management elated courses. The procedure to obtain a seat in Symbiosis for distance learning is similar to that of a regular course. An online application has to be filled by the candidate, the prospectus fees has to be paid then after which one has to submit their CAT/XAT/MAT score with verified proof. On the basis of cut off and availability of seats selected candidates are provided seats for distance learning for their desired course. And the functioning of a distance program is similar to what was mentioned earlier.

The advantages that distance learning provides is firstly abolishing the barrier of distance between a student and education, enabling working professionals to pursue a degree without leaving their jobs, and lastly proving the concept of a virtual class which might replace the essence of a class room feel one day in the future. The credibility of any distance learning course is same as that of a regular course for same degree in Symbiosis thus there exists no scope of partiality during placements provided that a student secures good marks during the course be it a regular one or a distance learning program.

In order to conclude it would be said that distance learning is a good transformation in our education system with many advantages hence it should be promoted more and more thus spreading more education all around the country.

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